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In March of 2014, the Hopkinton School Board (Board) accepted the Superintendent’s recommendation to form a District Facilities Steering Committee (FSC). This recommendation was precipitated by a decline in projected enrollment and longstanding deficiencies in the Hopkinton School District’s (HSD) facilities. The FSC was tasked to develop a plan to consolidate the current three school configuration into a two school, P-­5 and 6-­12, model and address issues related to the conditions and configuration of the HSD’s facilities.

The FSC met regularly over the subsequent eighteen months. As part of this process, the FSC retained a contracted Architecture and Engineering (A&E) firm, Harriman Associates (Harriman), to assist with the development of potential programmatic configurations and estimated costs for the Board’s consideration. Facing an unanticipated increase in projected enrollment and the attendant costs to grow projected capacity within a two school footprint, the Board revised the charge in October, 2016 and directed the FSC to concentrate on a three-building solution to address the issues considered in the original charge.

The objective of this effort was to meet the charges of the Board, as revised,
while determining the best value to the HSD and to the Town of Hopkinton.

  1. The most effective school, building, and grade configuration.
  2. The educational specifications necessary to deliver a high-quality program.
  3. The resolution of safety and security concerns.
  4. The resolution of accessibility deficiencies throughout the HSD.
  5. Resolving the deficiencies noted in the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) report.
  6. The satisfactory completion of appropriate deferred maintenance projects.
  7. The relocation of the School Administrative Unit (SAU) building.
  8. The ability of the project to meet community-related facility needs.
  9. The overall cost of the project.

Minutes and agenda for those meetings are on the Facilities Steering Committee website.

Reports & Presentations

August 2019

Harold Martin School Drawings

April 18, 2019

CIP Report

February 21, 2019

Facility Project Frequently Asked Questions Presented to the School Board

January 24th, 2019

Adopted Project Summary

November 29, 2018

Harriman Deferred Maintenance, Basic Safety, Security and Accessibility.

Harriman revised addition at Harold Martin School.

HSD Facility Steering Committee Information

November 15, 2018

October 1, 2018, Enrollment Report

Future Projected Enrollment

HMS Overcrowding Presentation

HMS Overcrowding Report

November 1st Meeting

Support Documents 11/1/18

HMHS Science Labs Presentation

HMHS Science Labs Report

HSD Facility Project, Unpacking #1Unpacking Hopkinton Middle and High Schools Science Lab and School Entrance
Steering Committee PresentationSlides from the School Board Meeting 10/18/18
Steering Committee MeetingSupport Documents 10/16/18
Steering Committee MeetingAgenda & Minutes 5/9/18
Steering Committee PresentationSlides from the School Board Meeting 8/22/17
Main ReportReport to the School Board 8/22/17
Appendix AOriginal and Revised Charge
Appendix BSubcommittee Reports (folder)
Appendix CHarriman Report (Architect)
Appendix DNEASC Letter from 11/4/16
Appendix ENESDC Demographic Study
Appendix FAHERA inspection report 8/2014
Appendix GExecutive Summary on Wood Energy
Appendix HTax Impact Worksheet 9/1/2017
September 20, 2017 Info Session 1Elementary Education Specifications Audio
PODCAST #1 Background - Context - Jay Burgess
October 25, 2017 Info Session 3Community Partnerships/Finance/Energy Audio
PODCAST #2Elementary Education Specifications - Tim Stokes
November 14, 2017 Info Session 4Secondary Education Audio
PODCAST #3New England Association of Schools  & Colleges


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The Hopkinton School Board Finance Sub Committee will be meeting on Thursday, July 30, 3:15 pm. Support documentation and access information are available at the link below:http://www.hopkintonschools.org/school-board-meeting-information
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The Hopkinton School Board Policy Sub Committee will be meeting on Thursday, July 23, at 9:00 am.Access and support documentation are available at the link below:http://www.hopkintonschools.org/school-board-meeting-information
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The Hopkinton School Board will be holding an additional meeting on Thursday, July 23, beginning at 5:30 pm.Access information and support materials will be available at the following link: http://www.hopkintonschools.org/departments/school-board/school-board-meeting-information
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