7th grade homework


Assigned on September 8 2011





Pre-Algebra-  bring in a picture of yourself. If not done.

Exponents worksheet.

Powers and exponents worksheet

Challenge paper. Due friday.

Sign expectation sheet. If not done.



Regular 7 Math-   bring in a picture of yourself. Due 9-9, Friday.

Cover textbook



Bring a book to class. Anything.

Bring to class... always... beginning on Tuesday... binders, dividers notebook paper and something to write with (pencil or pen (blue or black ink)).

Re-read english 7. due on friday.

And parent guardian signature on english 7. Also due on friday.





Take textbook home. Leave it at home!!

---AND... Study for quiz, which will be on Friday. But don't worry about it. If you have been paying attention, taking notes, doing the reading assignments, you will be fine.

What is geography? (from your notes) Something about a description??? do I remember correctly???

How should you read your textbook? (from readings) ( Be an ___________ reader) Something like that?

computer drives. C: D: S: H: (from your notes) (which one do you save to?) and (Which one has Stuff for Students?)

Physical and cultural geography. (from your notes) (What is Physical Geography? Perhaps an example? ) (What is Cultural Geography? Perhaps an example?)

5 themes of geography (from reading, and from your notes)

        Environmental Camp Forms- All forms… including photo release, media release form.  And if parents have  any special requests for particular sessions, they need to get those requests in ASAP so that we can arrange schedules.



Science- nothing.

Signature form. Still if not done yet. Due tomorrow.

Mme Cotnoir

cover textbook. And study number s zero to 10.



French avec Mme Harb

ABCs on youtube.

 sign the French letter. Parents.

Bring in 17 dollars.

German- study... and yeah. Just study. ABCs. And sentences. Just study.

Spanish- pagina 4.

and bring in 22 dollars if you havent.

Other-   All forms in.


 Wood shop- if you bring in a paper at the end of a project you get an extra 10 points.

And Music…


And Band…

Drama.- be prepared to perform tomorrow.