Chromebook Specifications

Chromebook Specifications

Matt Stone, the Hopkinton School District Technology Director, has provided the following specifications if you are interested in purchasing a Chromebook:

All Chromebooks support the applications that students need to learn. Finding a machine with a screen that meets your needs and a solid keyboard is often more important than other specs. We would recommend getting at least 4 GiB RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. While we do not endorse any particular model, you may find this review helpful:

It’s vital to keep your devices up to date! Chrome devices are supported for 5 years from the date the model is introduced, not from the date of sale. Check out Google’s end of support timeline here:

Please note that you are not limited to Chromebooks! All recent Windows and Mac machines will work as well. Please note that they may need more RAM and storage, typically 8 GB RAM and at least 128GB storage capacity.


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