School Administrative Unit #66

204 Maple Street

Contoocook, NH 03229


Hopkinton School Board

Tuesday, June 2, 2009




I.               Chair David Luneau called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.  Present: School Board Chair, David Luneau, Vice Chair Liz Durant, School Board Members Larry Donahue (arrived at 7:12 p.m.), Kim Fuller and Louis Josephson, Superintendent Dr. Brian Blake, Business Administrator Michelle Clark, Principals Steve Chamberlin, Michael Bessette and Bill Carozza. 


II.             Housekeeping:  New faces – Noah Meister and Emma Brown, student representatives for the 09-10 school year, replacing Emily Sinclair and Quinn Blue.  Mr. Luneau thanked Emily and Quinn and commented on the great interaction between students and the Board this year.


III.           Additions/Deletions to the agenda: 


A.   Items for Board discussion/Action Items:

á      Fall sports coaching nominations.

á      Schedule B Òclean-upÓ.

á      April monthly financials.


IV.          Correspondence


A.   Letter received from Mary Heath (addressed to Mr. Chamberlin) confirming that a Hopkinton student has been awarded the Robert C. Bird Honors Scholarship of $1500, this will be presented at a ceremony on Friday, June 5th.


V.            Approval of Minutes


A.   Motion to approve the 5/19/09 minutes made by Ms. Durant, seconded by Dr. Josephson, motion passes, all in favor, minutes approved.


VI.          Public Comments


A.   Sam Delgado:

á      Curious how many candidates there were for the internal Superintendent search.  Mr. Luneau answered one, but asked Mr. Delgado to e-mail or call with question as this is set as a public comment time.  Mr. Delgado wondered why there was only one and why an outside search was not conducted.  Were parents involved in the process?  Mr. Luneau answered yes, that it was a very inclusive process.

á      Noted that he has been receiving solicitation e-mails from other parents and is not happy about it.  Dr. Blake commented that he would like to know how that is happening and asked to have the e-mails forwarded to him.  Ms. Durant noted that if it is from the PTA list, that is not a District document, and the District list-servs do not disclose their recipients.


VII.        Comments From the Hopkinton School Board


A.   Ms. Durant commented on being a judge at the forensics event and what a wonderful experience it was.  She gave kudos to the kids for the high quality of work presented.


B.    Mr. Luneau:

á      Thanked Julie Morris for her organization of the drug and alcohol awareness night.

á      Noted that next week the Parent Advisory Committee will be meeting to discuss MAP testing and its scores, rationale, philosophy and how to interpret the scores.

á      Thanked the administration and members of the community, in result of a personal experience, for continuing to support the District and in result attracting people to the town and schools.


VIII.      Items For Board Discussion


A.   Teamster Contracts

á      Dr. Blake referred to the information in the Board packets.  All are current staff with no FTE changes.


B.    Department Head Nominations

á      Brought to the last meeting and tabled.

á      One change from the current list – Mary Harb, World Language.

á      Dr. Josephson asked if this was for all schools or just the Middle/High School?  Dr. Blake responded that they are only responsible for the Middle/High School level.

á      Mr. Luneau asked how the process works or how the individuals are selected?  Mr. Chamberlin responded that sometimes there is only one volunteer, some departments rotate.

á      Ms. Fuller asked Mr. Chamberlin to clarify Òonly oneÓ and Ms. Durant asked what would keep others from the position?  Mr. Chamberlin responded that it largely has to do with time.  Our Department Heads are not given a reduced teaching load, as some other Districts do.  Mr. Chamberlin also gave a brief description of what the extra duties of a Department Head are.


C.    Principal Nomination

á      Mr. Chamberlin reviewed the in-depth process of the search.

¤       The search committee was made up of 4 teachers.

¤       Focus groups were also formed consisting of teachers, students, support staff and parents.

¤       29 applications were received and each one read by each member of the search committee as well as Mr. Chamberlin.

¤       5 candidates were given a 45 minute phone interview.

¤       A interview committee of 13 people interviewed the 5 candidates and reduced the count to 3 finalists, each who spent a day in the District and spent time with all groups from the school and community.  Who then shared their input with the committee. The 3 candidates were then narrowed to 2, an internal and an external candidate.

¤       Site visits were then conducted by Mr. Chamberlin and Mr. Luneau.  13 reference checks were made and a final interview with the Board was held. 

¤       The nominee will be Mr. Chris Sousa, currently the Principal in Hampton, NH.

á      Mr. Luneau noted that the Board spent time with all 3 of the finalists and during the site visit to Hampton were extremely impressed.  The quality of the student worked and the answers to some very tough questions solidified the decision.

á      Dr. Josephson noted what an impressive process it was and was pleased to have Mr. ChamberlinÕs endorsement also.


¤       Tuition Student Request

á      A letter was received from Sarah and Andrew Hoffman of Canterbury, hoping to tuition their 4th grader into the Hopkinton schools until they are able to sell their house and move to Hopkinton.

á      Ms. Fuller asked if there was room.  Dr. Blake answered that there was.

á      Ms. Durant asked if it hinged on them moving? Dr. Blake responded that they will pay until they move as they are not sure quite when that will be.  She also asked if there was a chance resources would be used before the start of the year and wasted if they decided not to tuition at the last moment.  Dr. Blake did not think this would be an issue and never had been before.  She then asked when they do move in to town, would they get a pro-rated rebate?  Ms. Clark said they will pay monthly, as to not get too far ahead.




D.   Budget Adjustment 2009-13

á      Budget adjustment 2009-13 in the amount of $19,356.22 consists of moving money from the contingency fund and unused salary lines to the heating/oil line.  This satisfies the commitment to HR Clough as well as completely depleting the contingency fund.  A much better rate of 2.0455 has been secured for next year – this could result in a savings of $33,000 if we do not go over the estimated gallons.

á      Mr. Luneau asked if this would reduce the end-of-year surplus?  Ms. Clark answered no, this was taken into consideration ahead of time.


E.    April Monthly Financials

á      Revenue and expenditures are as expected.

á      Fund balance is up because of unexpected savings.

á      Dr. Josephson asked how ÒexpectedÓ items are calculated?  Ms. Clark responded that they are looked at line by line and based on current knowledge and last yearÕs results – very conservatively.

á      Ms. Durant asked if the food service numbers will change?  Ms. Clark noted that she hopes to see them decrease and believes they may.


F.    Fall Coaches

á      Dr. Blake noted the nominations for Fall coaches, as presented.  All are budgeted positions.

á      Ms. Durant asked what happens in the case of an employee that leaves the District, but continues coaching?  Dr. Blake answered that the years of service as a coach still accumulate as stated in the contract.


G. Schedule B ÒClean-UpÓ

á      Oversight – positions were filled for the year (08-09) but were never brought to the Board.  Positions include Peer Leader Advisor, Student Council Advisor and the Susan Pisinski Lab Coordinator.

á      Mr. Luneau asked how to improve this process in the future.  Mr. Chamberlin said that checks and balances will be put into place and examined going forward.


IX.          Public Comments


A.   Merle Dustin:  Wondered, after watching the National Spelling Bee, if texting was the cause of the spelling breakdown among the U.S.Õs children.


B.    Sam Delgado:

á      Commented that the Principal nominee sound like a good candidate and wondered why he was leaving Hampton.

á      Noted that he has been disappointed in the system of communication to the public.

á      Asked about the food service and the money loss.  Mr. Luneau directed him to the minutes and audio recordings of past meetings on the website.


X.            Action Items


A.   Recommend the Hopkinton School Board approve the list of custodian nominations as presented by the Superintendent.  Mr. Donahue motioned, Ms. Fuller seconded, all in favor, motion carries. 


B.    Recommend the Hopkinton School Board approve the list of department heads as presented by the Superintendent.  Dr. Josephson motioned, Ms. Durant seconded, all in favor, motion carries. 


C.    Recommend the nomination of Chris Sousa for Principal of the Hopkinton Middle-High School.  Mr. Donahue motioned, Ms. Fuller seconded, all in favor, motion carries.


D.   Recommend the Hopkinton School Board approve the tuition request as presented by the Superintendent.  Ms. Fuller motioned, Ms. Durant seconded, all in favor, motion carries. 

á      Mr. Donahue asked if this student should cost any more than a normal student and what the current student numbers were in 4th and the surrounding grades?  Dr. Blake responded ÒnoÓ, and the current numbers are:  3rd grade, 58 students; 4th, 76; 5th, 79; and 6th, 72.


E.    Recommend the Hopkinton School Board approve budget adjustment 2009-13 in the amount of $19,356.22, as presented.  Dr. Josephson motioned, Ms. Fuller seconded, all in favor, motion carries. 


F.    Recommend the Hopkinton School Board approve the Fall sports coaching nominations as presented by the Superintendent.  Mr. Donahue motioned, Ms. Durant seconded, all in favor, motion carries. 


G.   Recommend the Hopkinton School Board approve the list of (budgeted, overlooked) Schedule B positions for the 2008-2009 school year, as presented by the Superintendent. 

á      Mary Chris Duncan, Peer Leader Advisor, $1130

á      Pat Hines, Sue Pisinski Lab Coordinator, $1167

á      Barb Jenkins & Maggie Cook, Student Council Advisors, $766 ea.

Mr. Donahue motioned, Ms. Durant seconded, all in favor, motion carries. 


XI.          Mr. Donahue moved at 7:52 p.m. and Ms. Fuller seconded that the Board enter non-public session as provided in (RSA 91-A:3, II (a)(c)) to discuss negotiations and personnel.  Motion passed on a roll call vote- Mr. Donahue, Ms. Durant, Ms. Fuller, Dr. Josephson, and Mr. Luneau, (all) in favor.


XII.        Following a motion by Mr. Donahue, seconded by Ms. Durant, roll call vote- Mr. Donahue, Ms. Durant, Ms. Fuller, Dr. Josephson, and Mr. Luneau, (all) in favor, the board came out of non-public session at 9:00 p.m.


XIII.      Following a motion by Ms. Durant, seconded by Mr. Donahue, the board voted to seal the minutes of the non-public session for one year.  Motion passed on a roll call vote- Mr. Donahue, Ms. Durant, Ms. Fuller, Dr. Josephson, and Mr. Luneau, (all) in favor.


XIV.      Following a motion by Ms. Fuller, seconded by Mr. Donahue, the board voted to approve the HMHS PrincipalÕs contract, with guidelines discussed.  Motion passed on a roll call vote- Mr. Donahue, Ms. Durant, Ms. Fuller, Dr. Josephson, and Mr. Luneau, (all) in favor.


XV.        Motion to adjourn by Ms. Fuller, seconded by Ms. Durant.  Motion passed on a roll call vote- Mr. Donahue, Ms. Durant, Ms. Fuller, Dr. Josephson, and Mr. Luneau, (all) in favor.



Adjourned at 9:02 p.m.





























Hopkinton School Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June, 2009

Maple Street School, Hopkinton NH

Non-public minutes





XVI.  Non-Public Session (RSA 91-A:3, II (a)(c)).


During the non-public session, the Board discussed negotiations and personnel.


Mr. Donahue motioned to come out of Non-Public Session, seconded by Ms. Durant.  Motion passed on a roll call vote- Mr. Donahue, Ms. Durant, Ms. Fuller, Dr. Josephson, and Mr. Luneau, (all) in favor, the board came out of non-public session at 9:00 p.m.

Hopkinton School District School Board     

School Administrative Unit #66

Meeting Minutes

June 23, 2009




School Board: Chairman: David Luneau, Vice Chairman: Elizabeth Durant, Kim Fuller, Louis Josephson; Student Representative: Emma Brown.

Administration: Superintendent: Dr. Brian Blake; Business Administrator: Michelle Clark; Special Education Director: Dr. Valerie Aubry; Principals: Michael Bessette, William Carozza, Steven Chamberlin.



School Board Chairman, David Luneau, called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Merle Dustin, community member, led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.



Resignations:  Heather Ciance, Jaclyn King; nomination: Michelle Cotnoir, Hopkinton Middle High School summer secretary; 2009 extended school year staff nominations.


Dr. Blake passed around the Hopkinton High School Spring Sports Awards Program and Newsletter 2009, and the school board approval designation from the department of education.


Dr. Blake acknowledged the following donations: $100 from PSNH to the First Robotics Team, $500 from the Hopkinton PTA for a baseball interdisciplinary unit, $1525 from McLane Northeast for middle and high school planners, and $250 from Joyce and Jim Hinson for two busses to the State of New Hampshire Regional Job Fair.


Mr. Luneau read a thank you card to the school board from Dr. Blake for the beautiful memorial clock and his wonderful tenure in Hopkinton.  The clock was presented at the final all staff meeting of the school year.



Motion to approve the June 2, 2009 meeting minutes made by Mr. Luneau, seconded by Ms. Fuller, motion passes, all in favor, minutes approved as amended. 



Marion Paxton spoke of her ongoing concern about feeling excluded from school board meetings, with the table in a circle and members having their backs to the public.  She often feels like she is on the outside looking in.  She asked that changes be considered.  Also, she said she could not find the minutes or the agenda on the website since Tara Graham left.  Mr. Luneau and Dr. Blake will look into this. 




William Carozza, Principal, Harold Martin School, told of a nice ending to the school year.  The weather has cooperated and it has been cool on the second floor.


Ms. Fuller asked if the floor in the multipurpose room would be addressed this summer.  Dr. Blake said it would be addressed this summer.  He said he would talk more about this in the non-public session.


Mr. Luneau commented on the district PAC Meeting.  He was glad the PAC meeting was held.  The data on MAP testing was valuable and important information – he thought it was a terrific meeting.  He wished the interaction was videotaped, (in the spirit of using technology to disseminate information to the public) because it was very well done and it is important to understand how to interpret the results.  Mr. Josephson stated that he missed the meeting, but over communicating about these things is always good.  Ms. Fuller stated it would be great to be able to see the meeting on Podcast, YouTube, or our district website.   


Michael Bessette, Principal, Maple Street School, stated he did not have much to add to the report at this point: great weather, not hot.  Several recent events were extremely successful: Field Day, annual closure, Promotion Night.  Promotion Night was a great success.  Parents and kids were happy with the experience and proud of the accomplishment.  He could not have done it without parent and staff assistance.  They brought back the cookout. The students wanted to have the cookout, not a formal presentation.   


Mr. Bessette stated that the problems with the facility have not gone away.  It is not up to specifications to meet the needs of the students, staff, and families.  He stated that there is a negative impact that affects the culture of the school.


Ms. Fuller asked about what we can do.   Mr. Bessette stated that multiple performances are not always possible.  David Luneau asked about alternate venues.  Mr. Bessette stated that the high school auditorium is booked a year in advance during this time of the year.


Mr. Luneau talked about feedback from coaches on safety concerns with the gym floor.  Mr. Bessette explained about the slippery asbestos tile.  Also, the size is not designed for full court basketball.  The facility size is small for the students as they get older: HMS gym preferred.


Comments from Ms Durant, Ms. Fuller, Mr. Josephson, and Mr. Luneau – fifth grade Math Mall and sixth grade WorldÕs Fair were awesome. 


Steven Chamberlin, Principal, Hopkinton Middle High School, stated that the end of the school year is a busy time.  The high school Drama Troupe presented the musical Flapper last weekend.  It was a great show!  He hopes to increase faculty attendance next year.  Final exam days went well.  The teachers and students seemed to like the way the schedule was broken up: review time/two exam days, weekend break, review time/two exam days.  Emma Brown stated that she liked the weekend break, but did not think the review time was valuable.  


The eighth grade Final Curtain presentation day was strong.  Mr. Chamberlin and Jean Eaton met with Ryan Nicholson this week to map out a timetable for the new website going live before the new school year begins.  Graduation is always an emotional time.  The graduates have been such a part of our lives for so long – sending them off is moving.  A number of the graduates were in school this week.  One graduate brought flowers to the office as a thank you.  Others just come by as a way of weaning themselves from us.  The middle school awards program will be held tomorrow.  Finally, Mr. Pheffer and Mr. Chamberlin have bus duty tomorrow, as they have for the last ten years.


Dr. Blake asked Mr. Chamberlin to comment on the Zimmerman Report: Trends of Hopkinton Students Attending Non-Hopkinton Schools, June 2009 Update.


Last year, 12 - 13 students left for private school for varied reasons: historical perspective, family tradition, athletics, and unusual circumstances (three students returned).  This year, only one student may be leaving to go to private school (he/she is currently on a waiting list).  We continue to learn from the families that make these decisions.  It is a good time of year to reflect and learn.  Mr. Luneau stated that he was glad we have continued with this report.  Mr. Zimmerman is a former board member and it was a quest of his to keep track of this information.  


Mr. Luneau congratulated the following staff members for their recent awards: Nancy Carrigg for her work with the Regional Job Fair, Jean Eaton for her work supporting McLane Northeast staff, and Dan Meserve for being named Class M Softball coach of the year.  Mr. Luneau also congratulated Mr. Chamberlin and the whole high school staff for the fact that 20% of our students at the high school are scholar athletes.  Mr. Chamberlin stated it has been an extraordinary year.  


Ms. Durant asked how many students are committed to college.  Mr. Chamberlin will be more specific in the summer when Anne Whiting compiles all the final information (students are still deciding at this time).  Ms. Durant commented that this was a very competitive year.  Mr. Chamberlin will provide this information at the next board meeting.


Emma Brown asked about z block (shortened classes with meeting time at the end of the day with teachers - 80 minute classes two days a week.)  Mr. Chamberlin stated that they will be picking the days based on athletic dismissals, which will reduce loss of class time for athletic events.  Z block will have to be coordinated with high school, middle school, and CRTC (Concord Regional Technology Center).  Mr. Chamberlin has spoken to Mr. Sousa and he is onboard.  Mr. Chamberlin reiterated that Z block is a tiered support for students focused on learning.  Z block will allow 40 minutes two days a week, at the end of each day, for remediation and enrichment for students.

Matthew Stone, Technology Director, is not at the meeting this evening; he is currently at a two-day technology workshop in Bethel, Maine.  No questions or comments on Mr. StoneÕs report.


Dr. Brian Blake, Superintendent, stated that he and Mr. Chamberlin have been working together on the transition. Mr. Chamberlin thanked Dr. Blake for his support during this time. Mr. Luneau thanked Dr. Blake for being a good friend to the District.  Mr. Luneau thanked Dr. Blake and Mr. Bessette for all of their efforts to improve the culture at Maple Street School.


Michelle Clark, Business Administrator, apologized for not having a monthly financial report for this meeting.  She explained about the new food service site visit for fraud.  Ms. Clark stated that the auditors were at Hopkinton High School today, and that the high school did very well. The auditors did recommend a POS (Point of Sale) system.  Ms. Clark stated that this definitely will be coming down the road.  The auditors told her that out of the twenty-three schools theyÕve visited, only three do not have a POS system.


Ms. Clark stated that with 2008/2009 coming to a close, it is estimated that the fund balance will be between $400,000- 450,000 (surplus).


Ms. Clark explained to the group that she recently locked in on a new electricity bid for five months, which could save the district $4,000.  Since joining Energy Supply Group, they have been able to get lower than PSHN rates. 


David Luneau commented on the POS system.  When traveling last week, Southwest no longer accepted cash - they transitioned to a POS system.  It was the same situation when he went to purchase a $2.00 train ticket (from the airport to his hotel) at a kiosk (cashless).


Dr. Blake stated that as a parent it is a great system.  Merrimack Valley uses a POS system; he can see what and when his children are buying.


Mr. Luneau asked Ms. Clark to send him the PDF of May financials.


Dr. Blake stated that we have talked about a POS system in the past, but we have delayed it because of funding issues.  Mr. Luneau stated that we have learned now what would justify the expense.  Ms. Durant stated that this is just a piece of the whole program in general.



Ms. Fuller thanked Dr. Blake for the last three years stating that it had been a pleasure working with him, wishing him good luck down the road.  Mr. Luneau echoed Ms. FullerÕs kind words in supporting Dr. Blake.


Ms. Fuller thanked the principals of all three buildings for an amazing end of the school year.  Mr. Luneau, Ms. Fuller, and Ms. Durant commented on how wonderful graduation was.  Mr. Luneau told the group that he saw Ms. Clark leaving the SAU with her gown and she told him how much she loved this day - it was the best day of the year.  Ms. Fuller stated that she thought it was the best graduation ever.


Mr. Luneau stated that last week the state approved the Safe Routes to School round three grant proposal for $221,000 (round two approximately $120,000/round one approximately $40,000).  Round three is for three driver feedback control signs.  These signs change the speed limit during different times of the day.  They also indicate if a driver is exceeding the speed limit.  One sign will be placed by Maple Street School and two by Harold Martin School.  In addition to these signs, there will be sidewalks placed on Kearsarge Ave. (Pine St. to Spring St.) and Cedar St. (Cedar St. to Maple St., tying into MSS), as well as funding for the next round engineering study (Fountain Square area), and fifteen reflective safety vests for Harold Martin School students.  Mr. Luneau congratulated everyone involved, especially Natalie Duval.  He stated it was also important to point out that a town selectman was involved, the town administrator, the superintendent, and the school board – this was a great community effort. 


Ms. Fuller asked who would be doing the actual work.  Mr. Luneau stated that all the work will be done by contract.  The bids can be sent out after we get the formal grant.

Mr. Luneau stated that the round four application is expected to go out late this fall.



Schedule B Nominations

Dr. Blake referred to three separate sheets in the board packet of Schedule B nominations for the upcoming school year.   Dr. Blake asked that the meeting move into Action Items, to approve the three lists as presented.   There were no new questions on the Schedule B nominations. 


Mr. Luneau addressed Mrs. FullerÕs question from the last school board meeting, regarding the Peer Leader Advisor position at Maple Street School.  Mr. Bessette noted in his report that this position was eliminated at Maple Street School. 


Ms. Fuller asked Mr. Chamberlin when would his open nominations be filled.  Mr. Chamberlin said he has one nomination so far for the next meeting.  Mr. Luneau asked if there were any unfilled positions that were critical for opening day – Mr. Chamberlin answered no.


Open Positions

Mr. Chamberlin stated they have two open office positions at the middle high school: assistant principalÕs secretary and middle high school office manager.


Mr. Carozza stated they have one full time IA and perhaps more.


Mr. Bessette stated that he as reopened the physical education teacher position and has one IA position.


Ms. Clark stated that the Director of facilities position is open, interviews are scheduled for June 29 (received over 30 applications).

Dr. Aubry has one position open that will be discussed later in non public. 


Summer Board Meeting Schedule

Mr. Luneau stated that there is a lot going on this summer, including collective bargaining.  He stated that if the negotiating team needs to meet, the board can be flexible and meet as needed.  He suggests the next meetings be July 21 and August 11.  Mr. Luneau stated that he discussed with Mr. Chamberlin the board wanting to establish short and long term goals.  They should be able to have a discussion at the July 21 meeting.  Mr. Chamberlin will have the summer board schedule dates posted on the web as soon as possible. 


HMS IA Position

The request is for increased staff because of a change in placement.  Dr. Aubry stated that there was an increase in the time of a student program, because of a physician recommendation. (Mr. Carozza stated that the team is very much in favor of this.)  The increase would be a .65 – a half time person in the morning, then increase someone who is currently .85 to full time.  Mr. Carozza stated that this increase would allow them to do what is needed for this child who has a significant disability.  Mr. Luneau asked if .65 was what we need or is it .5?  Dr. Aubry stated that they need .65 because of the particular constraints of the schedule. 


Mr. Luneau asked if there were any other comments on the discussion or if anyone had anything to bring up in non-public.  If not, because it is an action item, we can take care of it in public.  Mr. Josephson stated that he trusts the team and is confident that it is the best plan.  Ms. Durant asked if this is reviewed by the physician yearly or is it automatic.    Dr. Aubry stated that once we move to this level, allowing for a regular school day, it will stay at this level.  Ms. Durant stated that it is all reassessed at the end of the year during the assessment process.  


Mr. Josephson had to leave the meeting at this point, because of a family issue.


HMHS IA/.2 Science Position

Mr. Chamberlin stated that he has an IA that is also a certified biology teacher.  She has experience with students with similar profiles. This IA would meet with a small group of students for regular ed science one fifth each day; this IA would resume her IA position the remaining part of the day.  This is very cost efficient for the district.  Mr. Chamberlin stated that his is one hundred percent confident in this IAÕs abilities (.75 IA and .2 teacher, grade level 10).  Mr. Chamberlin is certain that this is a win-win for our students.  Ms. Fuller stated that whatever works for our kids, she is one hundred percent for it.  Mr. Chamberlin stated that educating our students at our school in the best way possible.


Extended School Year Nomination List

(Staff to run the summer school program in all three schools for our special needs population.)

The program runs from July 7 – 30, three mornings a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) for four weeks.  Thirty-five to forty special needs students participate in this program.  Ms. Fuller stated that the reason for the program is so students will not regress.

The elementary program will be at Harold Martin and the middle high school program will be at the high school.


Ms. Fuller asked if the nurse would be in all buildings.  Dr. Aubry stated that the nurse would be housed in one building, but available for all locations.


Ms. Fuller asked a question of Dr. Blake and Ms. Clark.  If a student did not pass a class or felt the need for summer school, could a regular ed student take advantage of this program?  Dr. Aubry stated that they have not extended it to students who have not passed courses, primarily because they would have to extend the staff and the budget would run over.  Currently, the students can go to Concord for summer remedial courses.  Mr. Chamberlin stated that we would hear more about in-house competency remediation (students who passed the course, but not the competences).  This is the first year that we have a few students who passed the course, but no the foundation skills.  The provision, and what other schools have done, is to have a fee based program. Ms. Durant asked how long this program has been provided to our students.  Dr. Aubry answered: forever.  Dr. Aubry also stated that this program was a requirement. 


Mr. Luneau asked if any of the costs are covered by out of district funds.  Dr. Aubry stated that the funds were not taken out of the IDEA grant (would have to have the approval of the grant by July 1, which is not generally the case of the state); it has always been a budget item.  There is a grant from Community Bridges for a complimentary piece of a program for a student. 



Janet Krzyzaniak stated that she believes that more citizens of Hopkinton should attend these meetings.  She is amazed, and has learned so much, at what goes on in these meetings.  Mr. Bessette impressed her about the need for additional room to provide for the needs of children and parents, regarding the capacity of the multipurpose room.


Ms. Krzyzaniak thinks that this information needs to get out to the community.  Many folks do not have a computer, e.g.: Merle Dustin.  There are many more people in the community in the same position.  She does not think the needs of the school district are getting out to the people who need to know.  She would like to see more press releases, pubic releases, and information in the newspaper.  Ms. Krzyzaniak agrees with Ms. PaxtonÕs idea about needing a bigger room where more people could attend.  She wants to find a way to encourage more community members to attend meetings.  Ms. Krzyzaniak is thankful to be at the meetings because she learns so much.


Ms. Krzyzaniak asked Ms. Clark what the set-up cost was for the POS system.  She has grandchildren who go to school in Manchester, and knows it would help students in need (privacy of the card).


Ms. Krzyzaniak stated that Leon Kenison, Town Administrator, has given his notice as of last night.  She said that this is a huge loss for the town.  He has made great strides with our Safe Routes to School program, through his affiliation with the DOT.


Marion Paxton thanked the principals of MSS and HMS for their newsletters.  Marion also feels that we should encourage more of the general population to come to these meetings.


David Luneau stated that in the recent past the Hopkinton School District has been a recipient of the Blue Ribbon School Award for parental support (volunteers) tracked by hours.



1)    Recommend the Hopkinton School Board approve the SuperintendentÕs nomination of Schedule B positions as presented.

A motion was made by Mr. Luneau, seconded by Ms. Fuller, the motion carries, not opposed.


2)    Recommend the Hopkinton School Board approve the nomination of Ann Calder, IA/Science Teacher, for the 2009-2010 school year.

A motion was made by Mr. Luneau, seconded by Ms. Fuller, the motion carries, not opposed.


3)    Recommend the Hopkinton School Board approve the nomination of Jean Eaton, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, for the 2009-2010 school year.

A motion was made by Mr. Luneau, seconded by Ms. Fuller and Ms. Durant, the motion carries, not opposed.



4)    Recommend the Hopkinton School Board approve the nomination of Beth Clark, Nurse Clerical Assistant, for the 2009-2010 school year.

A motion was made by Mr. Luneau, seconded by Ms. Fuller, the motion carries, not opposed.


5)    Recommend the Hopkinton School board accept the resignation of Amanda Rucci, IA at Harold Martin School, effective June 30, 2009.

A motion was made by Mr. Luneau, seconded by Ms. Fuller, the motion carries, not opposed (with regret).


6)    Recommend the Hopkinton School Board accept the resignation of Heather Ciance, IA at Harold Martin School, effective June 30, 2009.

A motion was made by Mr. Luneau, seconded by Ms. Fuller, the motion carries, not opposed (with regret).


7)    Recommend the Hopkinton School accept the resignation of Jaclyn King, effective, IA at Hopkinton Middle High School, effective June 30, 2009.

A motion was made by Mr. Luneau, seconded by Ms. Durant, the motion carries, not opposed.


8)    Recommend the Hopkinton School Board approve the nomination of Michelle Cotnoir, Summer Secretary at Hopkinton Middle High School.

A motion was made by Mr. Luneau, seconded by Ms. Fuller, the motion carries, not opposed.


9)    Recommend the Hopkinton School Board approve the nomination of the Hopkinton School District 2009 extended school year staff list as presented.

A motion was made by Mr. Luneau, seconded by Ms. Fuller, the motion carries, not opposed.



At 8:20 pm, Mr. Luneau adjourned the meeting, accompanied by a motion, seconded by Ms. Fuller and Ms. Durant, entered into non-public session in accordance with RSA 91-3:II(a)(b)(c) for discussion on negotiations and personnel.



Respectfully submitted, Jean Eaton