June 14, 2010



Town of Hopkinton, New Hampshire

Hopkinton Board of Selectmen

Hopkinton School Board

Joint Public Meeting

Monday, June 14, 6:30pm

Hopkinton Middle High School Auditorium





  1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

2. Additions/Deletions From Agenda by Moderator

  1. Correspondence
  1. Public Comment (1)
  1. Opening Comments
  1. a. Introductions
  2. b. Statement of purpose on joint meeting (Board Chairmen)
  3. c. Comments from the Board members
  1. Items for Joint Board Discussion
  1. a. Areas of current Town/School District collaboration
    1. i.     Safe Routes to School
    2. ii.     Health insurance
    3. iii.     Maintenance (athletic fields, snow removal)
    4. iv.     Fuel purchasing
  1. b. Areas in which Town/School District collaboration may be improved
    1. i.     Service billing
    2. ii.     Joint purchasing
    3. iii.     Insurance study
    4. iv.     Other ideas
    5. c. Capital Improvement Planning
      1. i.     Future projects
      2. ii.     Bond status
  1. d. Budget Planning
    1. i.     Calendars (Town Meeting, School District Meeting, Town Report)
    2. ii.     State downshifting of costs to town and district – revenue decrease
  1. e. Future Meetings
  1. Public Comment (2)

8.  Adjournment