December 12, 2011

Hopkinton School District School Board

School Administrative Unit #66

Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2011



School Board: David Luneau, Chairman; Elizabeth Durant, Vice Chairman; Louis Josephson, William Jones, Larry Donahue Board Members


Administration: Steven Chamberlin, Superintendent of Schools; Michelle Clark, Business Administrator; Dr. Valerie Aubry, Director of Student Services; Matthew Stone, Director of Technology; William Carozza, Principal, Harold Martin School; Michael Bessette, Principal, Maple Street School; Christopher Kelley, Principal, Hopkinton Middle High School; Rebecca Gagnon, Assistant Principal, Hopkinton Middle High School


Mr. Luneau called the meeting to order at 5:30pm; Mr. Donahue led the Pledge of Allegiance:


Mr. Chamberlin stated that Action Item 17 is tabled, as the audit has not yet been received.


Mr. Chamberlin passed around a NHSBA invitation to attend the delegate assembly to the board members.


Matt Gleason, Hopkinton High School senior and civics student stated that the kids are talking about teachers getting their hours cut back and salary cuts.


Mr. Donahue stated that he had a great conversation with Mr. Kelley regarding the indoor track program and he is pleased with his creative approach.

Mr. Luneau complimented the administration on the first budget packet – bringing innovative solutions to provide the quality education this community expects.


  1. a. Policy IHBA: Program for Pupils With Disabilities  (First Reading)

Mr. Chamberlin stated that this is the regular three to five year review. The policy is clear and transparent on the District responsibilities under IDEA and 504.

Mr. Donahue stated that the policy reflects conversation as a committee. He recommended removing “the District shall” and use “Districts shall” for the second reading.


  1. b. 2012-2013 Hopkinton School District Calendar

Mr. Chamberlin publicly thanked Ms. Gagnon for all of her work on the 2012-2013 calendar. He stated that the calendar is CBA driven; the calendar must be approved by the last school board meeting in December.

Ms. Gagnon thanked Mr. Chamberlin for the opportunity. She stated that the goal was to have as many five-day weeks as possible vs. starts and stops.  In the proposed calendar, students return to school after Labor Day, staff returns the week before, Parent Teacher Conference Day is November 6 (Election Day), and there are two weeks off at Christmas.

Suggested changes:

-   Change the November notes to read: no school for grades 7 & 8 only/all other grades have school.

-   Change May 27 and 28  (PD Day and Memorial Day) to May 24 and 27 – Friday/Monday.

-   The no later than date of June 20/21 for the last day of school. Add possible snow day makeups: April 22, 23, 24 of vacation week.

-   Change January 31 PD day to February 1


  1. a. Hopkinton School District FY 13 Budget

i. Revenues

ii. Trust/Contingency Funds

iii. Tiers of Reductions

iv. Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)


Mr. Chamberlin presented the following:


  1. Adequacy:  $2,087,695
  • Adequacy has remained stable

The NH biennium budget has supported level funded Adequacy Aid.  A proposed constitutional amendment could significantly impact adequacy in the future.

  1. Statewide Education Property Tax: $1,590,949
  • Increased by $75,118.12 (increase to overall tax rate)

An increase in statewide education property revenue decreases the local tax rate but increases the state tax rate.

  1. Interest: $3000
  • Decrease of $500
  1. Building Aid: $147,125.73
  • Increase of $6000
  1. Tuition: $40,000
  • Decrease of $5000
    • o Reduction in the number of students who attend from outside of the Hopkinton School District.
    • o The Reduced Tuition Program for Students of Teachers who live outside of Hopkinton will be reintroduced to the faculty.
  1. Unreserved Fund Balance: $300,000
  • Decrease of $40,000

Stabilizing the unreserved fund balance at $300,000 for budgeting purposes will assist in developing the school district budget.

  1. Health Insurance Trust: $45,000

Utilizing $45,000 from the trust to offset health insurance increase in GMR.

The impact of the change in revenue for FY13 is a 0.12/1000 increase in the state tax rate offset by a 0.12/1000 decrease in the amount to be raised locally.

Trusts / Contingency Funds  

  1. Maintenance Trust:
  • Recommended contribution $25,000

Significant projects on the horizon

  1. Vehicle Capital Reserve Trust
  • Recommended contribution $12,000

A schedule of contributions has been developed forecasting purchases over the next ten years.

  1. Special Education Trust
  • No contribution recommended

The schedule includes accumulation to a $290,000 funding level.

  1. Health Insurance Trust
  • Recommended contribution  $15,000

Accumulation to a $100,000 level is planned.

  1. Contingency Fund
  • Recommended contribution $75,000

It is recommended that the funding of a possible fourth kindergarten section be included in the Contingency Fund.

The revenue and funding of the trusts/funds combined with the operating budget presented on Monday, December 5, 2011 would be a $0.62/1000 increase on the tax rate.

Please note: The $0.62/1000 increase does not take into account any increase due to a teachers’ contract increase that will be on a separate warrant article.

Tiers of Reductions

Mr. Chamberlin presented the following draft of tiered reductions:

Tier I: $73,000 (Approximately)

Rationale: Approximately $330,000 of the previously presented increase is due to fixed costs (benefits and utilities)

  Reduction Amount Impact
    MaintenancePaving HMS




    Defer maintenance even longer
      HSDNumeracy Specialist

      1.0 FTE

      $50,000 Reduced support for major focus of elementary school
        Special EducationVarious lines, tablets, testing $3900 Reduced tools
          HMSVarious Supply Lines

          Artist in residence



          Pass down costs to parents
            MSSVarious supply lines


            Artist in Residence




            Pass down costs to parents
              Middle/high schoolVarious supply lines

              Books Library (MS)


              Science books*


              $ 500



                Total $77,255  

              Tier II: $160,000

              Rationale: These reductions would place the increase at 1%

                Reduction Amount Impact
                HSD50% of non union raise $23,000 Raises over 4 years low
                  TechnologyProjectors HMS

                  iMacs in library (HMS)

                  Netbooks HMHS

                  Reduce whiteboard

                  $10,300 Reduce tools, enhanced education
                    HMHSGuidance days


                    Adventure Education

                    School to Career

                    Reading Specialist

                    Books Library







                    Reduced program and supports
                      MSSReading 0.2

                      Books Library



                      Reduced supports, resources
                        HMSBooks Library $1000 Reduced resources
                          Total $162,200  

                        Tier III:  $160,000

                        Rationale: These deductions would place a 0% increase.

                          Reduction Amt Impact
                          HSD50% of non union raise

                          0.5/day reduction non-union support



                          Moral, meeting federal and state guidelines at risk
                            TechnologyOffice desktop HMS

                            Office desktop MSS

                            Office desktop HMHS

                            Special ed desktops HMHS

                            Replacement laptops MSS

                            Reduce HHS 222 lab

                            Reduction in EES (software) agreement, increase corresponding software lines

                            $18,000 Reduced efficiency and stability
                              Special EducationRegular Education Staffing


                              $90,000 Reduce program, reduce services, increase risk of not meeting standards,increase class size
                                Total $163,000  

                              Mr. Donahue asked why the reading specialist was on Tier II and the numeracy specialist on Tier 1.

                              Mr. Chamberlin stated that he would look at it again. Dr. Aubry, Mr. Kelley and Mr. Chamberlin will be meeting with the reading specialist in the near future.

                              Mr. Luneau asked if Adventure Ed is a reduction or eliminated (or be offered every other year).

                              Mr. Chamberlin stated that the course would not run in FY13.

                              Mr. Donahue asked if could be incorporated into our PE program.

                              Mr. Chamberlin stated that if we get to Tier II it would impact the improved graduation requirement.

                              Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

                              Mr. Chamberlin presented a spreadsheet identifying the current funding flow for Trusts and the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for FY13 – FY20. (The Planning Board and Economic Development Committee use the CIP document.)

                              Maintenance Trust: $25,000 contract this year

                              Mr. Chamberlin talked about the purchases coming up in the next five years.

                              Vehicle Replacement Trust: $10,000

                              He stated this fund was critical this year, as some funds were used to purchase a fully accessible bus, along with ARRA funds.

                              Budget Packet

                              Ms. Clark gave an overview of the budget packet, identifying each page.

                              Mr. Luneau stated on the expense side we talked about moving the federal projects down.

                              Ms. Clark stated that it would be clearer to separate them and add a subtotal. This will be done for the meeting on December 19.

                              Mr. Donahue asked that a watermark of draft be added before it is posted to the website.

                              1. b. Policy Review

                              i. Indoor Air Quality (EBBD) (Second Reading)

                              Mr. Chamberlin stated that this would be an action item at the December 19 school board meeting.

                              ii. Admission of Homeless Students (JFABD) Third Reading (Action Item)

                              Mr. Chamberlin stated that this is an action item at tonight’s meeting.

                              1. c. Donation

                              i. Ltd donation to Hopkinton FIRST Robotics – $3500 (Action Item)

                              Mr. Chamberlin stated donations over $500 must be presented to the board for approval. A thank you note would be sent to MicroDAQ.


                              1. d. Financials  (Tabled to the December 19 school board meeting)

                              i. June 30, 2011Audit             

                              ii. Investment Policy    


                              PUBLIC COMMENT (2)


                              MATERIALS INCLUDED

                              Policies (3)

                              Draft 2012-2013 School District Calendar

                              Memorandum: 2012-2013 Calendar

                              Hopkinton School District CIP Plan (Draft)

                              Hopkinton School District Funding Flow

                              Memorandum: Revenue, Trusts Funds, Contingency Fund

                              Memorandum: Tiered Reductions (Draft)

                              Investment Policy (DRA)

                              2012-2013 HSD Budget Packet

                              HSD Holiday Food Basket Project flyer

                              IMPORTANT DATES

                              12/19/11 – School Board Meeting, Maple Street School, Room 21, 5:30pm

                              12/23/11 – 12/30/11 – Holiday Break

                              01/02/12 – No School New Years Day

                              01/04/12 – School District Budget Presentation: Budget Committee Meeting, 5:30pm, Town Hall

                              01/10/10 – Professional Development Day

                              01/11/12 – School District Budget Presentation: Budget Committee Meeting, 5:30pm, Town Hall

                              02/08/12 – Public Hearing, 6:30pm, Hopkinton Middle High School Auditorium

                              03/17/12 – Annual School District Meeting

                              ACTION ITEMS

                              1. The Hopkinton School Board accept the Superintendent’s recommendation to approve the Admission of Homeless Students Policy (JFABD).

                              A motion was made by Mr. Donahue, seconded by Mr. Jones, motion carries, all in favor, not opposed.

                              10.  The Hopkinton School Board approve the Superintendent’s recommendation to accept a $3500 donation from Ltd for the Hopkinton Robotics.

                              A motion was made by Mr. Donahue, seconded by Mr. Jones, motion carries, all in favor, not opposed, with many thanks.

                              11.  The Hopkinton School Board accept the Superintendent’s recommendation to reauthorize the Hopkinton School District Investment Policy (DFA).  (Tabled to the December 19 school board meeting)

                              At 7:06pm Mr. Donahue made a motion, seconded by Mr. Jones that the Board enter into nonpublic session in accordance with RSA 91-A:3 (a), (b), (c), and (e) for the discussion of negotiations and personnel. Motion passed on a roll call vote: Mr. Luneau (yes), Mr. Jones (yes), Mr. Donahue (yes), all in favor, not opposed.
                              Ms. Durant left the meeting at 7:00pm; Mr. Josephson stepped out of the room for a telephone call.

                              NONPUBLIC SESSION

                              14. Nonpublic Session for the Discussion of Matters as Per RSA 91-A: 3, II (a), (b), (c), and (e)



                              RETURN TO PUBLIC SESSION


                              12.  Adjournment

                              At 8:30pm a motion was made by Mr. Donahue, seconded by Mr. Josephson to adjourn the meeting, motion passed, all in favor, not opposed.


                              Respectfully submitted,


                              Jean Eaton



























                              Maple Street School, Hopkinton, NH

                              Nonpublic Minutes

                              December 12, 2011

                              Nonpublic Session for the Discussion of Matters as Per RSA 91-A: 3, II (a), (b), (c), and (e)



                              During the nonpublic session the Board discussed personnel and negotiations.

                              Mr. Donahue motioned to come out of nonpublic session, seconded by. Mr. Josephson, motion passed on a roll call vote: Mr. Luneau (yes), Mr. Josephson (yes), Mr. Jones (yes), Mr. Donahue (yes) all in favor, not opposed.

                              The board came out of nonpublic session at 8:30pm.

                              RETURN TO PUBLIC SESSION