• Jay Burgess, Facilities Steering Committee
  • Norm Goupil, School Board
  • Rob Nadeau, School Board
  • Mike Flynn, District Superintendent
  • Michelle Clark, District Business Administrator
  • Bill Carozza, Principal, HMS
  • Amy Doyle, Principal Maple Street School
  • Chris Kelley/Rebecca Gagnon Administration, Hopkinton Middle High School
Building Committee

Charge: The Building Committee will make recommendations to the Hopkinton School Board on structure, scope, timeline and financing for the District’s facility project as presented and voted on in Article I at the 2019 School District Meeting. The Committee will elect a Chair among its members and will report on progress to the School Board on at least a monthly basis. The School Board may delegate certain decisions to the Committee, otherwise, all decisions regarding the building project remain with the School Board.

The Committee may establish sub-committees with a defined scope of work to help carry out the Committee’s Charge. The Committee may invite members of the public, District staff or other experts to assist in its work.

The representatives of the School Board will call the first Committee meeting not more than 14 days after the School Board votes to establish the Committee. The Committee will remain in effect until dissolved by a vote of the School Board.

The Building Committee and all established subcommittees will conduct meetings in public and in accordance with the provisions of RSA 91-A. Members of the Hopkinton community are encouraged to attend meetings of the Building Committee, subcommittees and School Board and participate in the process.