FY21 Budget Info

HSD FY 21 Budget Bulleting - Updated after the February 20 School Board Meeting 2/21/20Bulletin
Warrant for the 2020 Annual Hopkinton School District Meeting2/21/20Warrant
2020 MS-27 Proposed Budget2/21/202020 MS-27
HSD FY 21 Budget Bulletin - Updated for January 22 Budget Committee Meeting1/24/20Bulletin
Teamsters Proposed Contract FAQ's 1/24/20FAQ's
Presentation and Support Materials for the January 22 Budget Committee Meeting1/24/20Support Materials
Presentation and Support Materials for the January 15 Budget Committee Meeting1/16/20Support Materials
Hopkinton Education Association Proposed Contract - FAQ's 1/09/20FAQ's
School Board Packet for the Budget Committee 1/08/20Packet
School Board Budget Presentation to the Budget Committee1/08/20Presentation
Hopkinton School Board Budget Reductions - as directed at January 2 Meeting01/07/20Reductions
Tiers of Reduction - As requested at the Dec. 19 Meeting01/02/20Tiers
Programmatic Budget - As of December 1912/19/19Programmatic
Memorandum -Teacher Reductions - As requested Dec. 12 Meeting12/19/19Memorandum
Superintendent Budget Presentation #3 - Staffing Reductions12/19/19Presentation
Memorandum on Class Size12/12/19Memorandum
Revenue Worksheet 12/12/19Worksheet 
Superintendent Budget Presentation #2 CIP, Trusts, Revenue12/12/19Presentation 
Revised Superintendent Budget 12/12/19Budget 
FY21 Superintendent's Budget12/5/19Budget
Superintendent Budget Presentation #1 Operational budget 12/5/19Presentation


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The Hopkinton School Board is seeking sealed proposals for Specialized Special Education Transportation Services out of District. Proposals should be received in the SAU Office by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 30, 2020.For more details details, please click here: Specialized Transportation RFP
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Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year at Harold Martin School.  Please click on the link for more information.  registration_posting_for_pre-k.2020.pdf
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H.L. Turner was selected by the Hopkinton School Board to renovate Maple Street School and Hopkinton Middle/High School, and renovate and add an addition to Harold Martin School.  The 10-million dollar project includes general upgrades to the building to increase energy efficiency, the design supports the needs of the school, including upgrades to the science laboratories and bathroom facilities...
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