Student Pick Up and Drop Off

August 22, 2009 by wcarozza  
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Children should not arrive before 7:30 AM each day. If parents transport, students may
be dropped off at the area indicated in the large parking lot between 7:30 and 8:00 AM. It
is imperative that parents follow the traffic patterns established by the school when
dropping students off. It is preferred that parents not park their cars and walk their child
to the playground as this takes up parking space which is at a premium. Instead,
students should walk directly to the playground. If recess is inside, students go directly to
the Multi-Purpose Room. Students may not go to the classrooms before 8:00 AM.

Dismissal for morning kindergarten is at 11:20 AM and the afternoon session begins at
11:20 AM as well. Parents who transport their children to PM kindergarten should bring
them to the office and sign in. PM kindergarten students may not arrive before 11:20
AM. School dismissal for all other students is at 2:35 PM. If you are picking your child up
after school, please do so by 2:40 in the Preschool Room (former Music Room), where
an HMS staff member will sign your child out. Vehicles are not permitted in the bus
unloading/loading circle area near the main office before 8:15 AM or after 2:25 PM.
Please follow the signs and painted arrows on the pavement.

Preschool parents will drop off and pick up their children at the entrance by the
preschool room in the large parking lot. Parents will need to park and head into the
building. There will be some new spaces in front of the parking lot entrance that are
reserved for preschool parking.

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