Voting information for May 30th

Voting information for May 30th

Voting will be on May 30th at Hopkinton Middle High School, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. To help expedite voter check-in, cars will be split the following ways. Upon entering HMHS from Park Ave, voters will split into three lines, by last name: A -  F, G - M, N - Z.

When approaching the big parking lot in the rear of the school (behind "shop alley"), cars will further divide into the following splits by last name: A - D, E - K, L  - Q, R - Z.

This means that if you are A - D, you should stay in the left lane the entire time. If you are R  - Z, you should stay in the right lane the entire time. If you are E - Q, you may have some merging to do, but we will have assistants placed along the way helping to sort and direct traffic and cars.

Please note that ballots will be handed out by an assistant PRIOR to check-in, for those that need them (but you can also print ahead of time if you prefer). If your car has more than one last name, one person should get out and walk if they are able. If not, we will take care of you at check-in. In addition, walk-ins are welcome the whole day.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


For more details about the budget, please see the School District Meeting page.

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