Voting Results for August 15th

Voting Results for August 15th

2020 Hopkinton School Meeting Results

Once again, thank you very much for coming out to vote today. Thank you for your cooperation, patience,
and participation.

The votes have been counted, and I am pleased to declare the following results:

Question 1: the new rules pursuant to HB 1129:

YES: 1309

NO: 195. (11 Blanks).
Question 1 PASSES.

Article 3, as amended by the School Board pursuant to HB 1129: to adopt an operating budget of

Yes: 922,

No: 593.
Amended Article 3 PASSES.

Again, I would like to thank the voters for their participation again. I would also like to thank our law
enforcement officers who helped with set-up and crowd control. And to the volunteer vote counters,
supervisors of the checklist and their greeter assistants, the school board, the budget committee, the many
advocates for and against who continue to display their pride and concern for our community, those who
helped spread the word about all aspects of the meeting, and everyone else who helped make this meeting
happen under our present conditions. Thanks also to the weather for cooperating for each and every one
of our drive through voting sessions. Thank you.

Because Question 1 and Article 3, as amended, passed, the school board has this amended budget
I would like to take this opportunity, my last chance at the virtual lectern during this year’s meeting, to
ask that we all, as a community, continue the hard work to listen to one another. Let’s come to together
and hear our differences, and consider the validity of our neighbors’ opinions. I also ask that signs
advocating positions related to the meeting be removed as soon as possible as part of our healing process.
Now, there being no further business before this meeting, this meeting is adjourned, over, closed, and
done. I look forward to seeing you at next year’s meeting.

James Newsom

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