The Student Services Director for the Hopkinton School District has the privilege of overseeing many different types of services provided to our students and families. The Department responsibilities are comprised of; Special Education, 504s, Nursing, Guidance Counseling, Homelessness, Title IV, Court Placed Students, District Tutoring, The Hopkinton Family Support Team, and English as a Second Language services. Each facet of the Department aims to work collaboratively with students, their families, staff, and community organizations. With a problem-solving, student-centered approaches, members of these support teams work hard to optimize student growth.

The overarching goal of the Student Services Department continues to be to ensure that all students get the services they need by the most qualified personnel.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mandie Hibbard, Director of Student Services, if you have any questions. The number for the Student Services Office is (603) 746-5186 extension 2256. The SAU Office is located at 204 Maple Street in Contoocook NH.